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BUCE Salon Chair 101 (Cha Hong Room Gangnam-daero Branch)

뷰체 BUCE 101 - 차홍룸 강남대로점 배치사례

Buce of BD Korea is a manufacturer of luxurious salon equipment and shampoo chair.

Here we introduce the BUCE 101 salon chair installed in Cha Hong Salon, located in Gangnam-Daro, Korea.

With a reasonable price compared to other salon chairs,
the BUCE Salon Chair 101 is a steady seller and is consistently popular in the BUCE.

We highly recommend this model, consisting of upholstery foam and a low seat height to hair designers who prefer low salon chairs.

This salon chair is a simple product without a combination of wood or stainless steel,
and it can easily fit any interior, such as a wood interior, or marble interior as it has a variety of vibes depending on the fabric color.

In the case of Cha Hong Salon in Gangnam-Daro,
choosing a beige color of fabric suited to a white simple salon interior even created a warm atmosphere.

If you are considering product and fabric choices for your salon,
explore the BUCE website to see a variety of installation cases featuring popular products and colors,
and feel free to fill out the inquiry form for prompt assistance.

At BUCE, we continuously think and research to prioritize the value of our customers.

Cozy space where you can enjoy shampoo, BÜCE