2021년 소비자 만족도 1위2021~Present
  • Good Design Award on BUCE 250BSF
  • Awarded the Export Tower on Trade Day ($5 million)
  • Won Presidential Commendation
중소 기업인 대통령 표창 수상2015~2019
  • Designated as a global small and medium-sized enterprise
    (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)
  • Cerifited CE on electric wash units and chair bases
  • Built overseas sales net work -
    (China, Japan, Singapore, India, USA, Span, UAE, Russia)
  • International Paten on BUCE 250 wash unit
    (Self-reclining mechanism) - China, Japan, Korea, USA.
2021 굿 디자인 어워드 가구부분 우수 디자인 선정2010~2014
  • Certified OHSAS 18001
  • Certified PSE and initiated export to Japan
  • Certified ISO 9001/14001
  • Developed a series of electric wash units(290/270/370)
국내 최초 전동 베이스 개발, 국내 유일 유압 베이스 제조1987~1999
  • Began to export - EU and USA
  • Developed Hydraulic chair base for the 1st time in Korea
  • Developed Electric chair bases for the 1st time in Korea
  • Established.