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BUCE Salon Chair 162 (China deployment case)

뷰체 BUCE 162 - 중국 베이징 수출 배치사례

Buce is a provider of elegant salon equipment that provides a luxurious impression.

Here is a case which installed Buce’s salon chair 162 model into Beijing salon, China.

Introducing the 162 salon chair model, which was sponsored by the popular korea movie ‘Obsessed,’
in which prominent actors ‘Lim-Ji-Yeon’ and ‘Song-Seung-Heon’ starred.

162 model salon chair is consist of check pattern inside of chair.

Unlike other products, the armrest and backrest of this product provide a comfortable and cozy feeling, similar to a sofa.
As a result, customers feel wrapped up warmly during hair treatments, unlike with other products.

162 model salon chair is easy to clean and manage by having a space between the seat and the backrest.

Beijing Salon in China chose to install BUCE 162 beauty chairs with brown leather,
as they perfectly complemented the salon’s wood-toned interior decor.

Please feel free to visit and check the BD Korea website for broadcast sponsorship,
overseas beauty salon start-ups, beauty salon interiors, etc.

BUCE is a globally renowned brand of salon chairs and shampoo chair,
cherished for its exceptional quality and trusted by customers in over 40 countries worldwide.

Cozy space where you can enjoy shampoo, BÜCE