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BUCE Salon Chair 174 & Salon Chair 187 + E33 & Shampoo Chair 270F (Thailand deployment case Hannam house)

뷰체 BUCE 174,187+E33 & 270F - 태국 수출 배치사례 (HANNAM HOUSE 한남하우스)

Hello. This is Buce, a high-quality salon equipment brand. As Hallyu (Korean Wave) is gradually becoming a global trend,
there is an increasing interest in domestic products from overseas. We have received delightful news that our valued customer from
Thailand has visited Buce again and opened a second branch.

In October last year, the owner of Han Nam House, a beauty salon in Thailand, personally visited the Bueche headquarters in Korea.
After experiencing our products, the owner made an immediate purchase.
It was evident that the owner has a particular fondness for Korean culture, including K-beauty and K-pop, as seen in the salon’s name,
“Han Nam House.” Thanks to their support, Buce has now become available in Thailand as well.

뷰체 BUCE 174,187+E33 & 270F - 태국 수출 배치사례 (HANNAM HOUSE 한남하우스)

This year, director opened a second branch called “Hannam Garden.”
Once again, they found our Buce products and appreciated the value of our domestically renowned technological capabilities.
We are truly delighted and grateful for their continued support.

They chose Buce products in colors that complement the clean white and warm tones, along with cozy lighting,
creating a comfortable atmosphere that blends well with the wood-tone interior.
The beauty chairs in the photo are Buce salon chair 174 and 187.
With custom covers specifically made for Hanam Garden, they have created a unique ambiance.

The Buce salon chair 187, in particular, stands out with its exceptional plushness.
The chair’s angle gradually increases diagonally towards the calves, providing customers with both comfort and stability when seated.
Additionally, the wooden armrests blend well with the Hannam Garden interior, and their rounded shape adds a soft and open feel.
This product is also convenient for tasks like cleaning hair due to its open design.
We are grateful that they have once again chosen the Buce 187, a product they have previously selected.

뷰체 BUCE 174,187+E33 & 270F - 태국 수출 배치사례 (HANNAM HOUSE 한남하우스)

The product featured in the photo is the Electric Backwash Units 270F ,
which is the flagship model among domestically manufactured electric shampoo chairs.
It is designed ergonomically to provide customers with a comfortable experience that feels close to lying on a bed.
Customers have expressed their satisfaction with the chair, mentioning its resemblance to a bed and its comfort.
The Buce electric shampoo chair 270F is ideal for providing a soothing service by reducing the fatigue
that can occur during long shampoo sessions, scalp care, and nutrient treatments.

Buce always prioritizes customer satisfaction and crafts each product with the spirit of craftsmanship.
As a global beauty brand, Buce has received consistent love and recognition from over 40 countries worldwide for its excellence in domestic production.
Experience the uniqueness of Buce firsthand and feel the difference it brings.

Cozy space where you can enjoy shampoo, BÜCE