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BUCE Salon Chair 185 & Shampoo Chair 257 & Shampoo Chair 270F (Amos Academy)

뷰체 BUCE 185 & 257 & 270F - 아모스아카데미 배치사례

BUCE is a luxurious brand for manufacturing salon equipment and shampoo chair.

Buce’s salon chair goods are included in the academy instruction centre of “Amos,”
a hair product brand well-known not only among stylists but also among the general public.

The round chair gently embraces the user and offers stability.
The beauty chair in the image below is the Salon Chair 185 model,
which has a round form with an integrated backrest, armrest, and seat.

뷰체 BUCE 185 & 257 & 270F - 아모스아카데미 배치사례

The products seen at the Amos Academy Training Center, which can be used by any hairdresser,
is Self-Reclining Backwash Units 257 model.

In the case of the 257 model, it is a useful device designed to allow the backrest and seat plate to move
by employing body features rather than needing power.
As you sit in a chair, your upper body is naturally lay down, allowing you to get shampoo in a relaxed position.

White shampoo stands in a row, giving you a luxurious and clean sense of unity.
Unlike previous products, the pottery cover, pottery base, and footrest were all custom-made in white color.

The last model is Electric Backwash Units 270F, one of the best sellers of Buce Shampoo stand.

뷰체 BUCE 185 & 257 & 270F - 아모스아카데미 배치사례

The most advanced form in the shampoo stand allows you to feel comfortable as soon as you sit down,
and the smooth driving service compared to third-party products, along with a soft and clean design,
provides reliable and comfortable service to customers.

This product is also specially made in white, including the ceramic cover and the ceramic base,
and even the auxiliary chair is matched in white color.

Information related to Amos Professional Academy can be found at Amos Academy below.
If you have any questions about the shampoo stand, please contact us through the Buce KakaoTalk channel.

Cozy space where you can enjoy shampoo, BÜCE