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BUCE Salon Chair 187 (Sona hair)

뷰체 BUCE 187 - 소나헤어 배치사례

BUCE is a luxurious brand for manufacturing salon equipment and shampoo chair.

This installation case is content that is introduced after receiving photos from QPlay,
which was in charge of the interior construction of Sona Hair, a hair salon located in front of Ewha Womans University.

Since the hair salon is located in front of Ewha Women’s University, we have opted for a warm and soft atmosphere,
reminiscent of a cozy cafe, by incorporating wood and white tones into the design.

Due to the growing popularity of wood and white-tone interior designs,
there has been an increase in orders for beige and brown color schemes as well.

The BUCE Salon Chair 187 model is equipped with durable and elastic torsion springs,
providing customers with a warm and comfortable atmosphere at “Sona Hair”.

뷰체 BUCE 187 - 소나헤어 배치사례

If you consider which product and fabric to choose,
we are here to assist you, offering consultations and explanations on popular colors and products
by showcasing various placement case photos provided by BUCE.
Feel free to contact us for counseling through Kakao Talk Plus Friends.

A cozy place with joyful shampooing, BUCE. thanks.

Cozy space where you can enjoy shampoo, BÜCE