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BUCE Shampoo Chair 270 (Japan deployment case)

뷰체 BUCE 270 - 일본 수출 배치사례

Japan Export placement example - BUCE Electric Backwash Units 270

Hello, We are a luxurious salon furniture brand, BUCE.

BUCE has been consistently exporting products to about 40 countries,
thanks to the exceptional quality of its offerings, garnering interest from new countries.
Let us introduce the case of the BUCE 270 model exported to Japan.

The hair salon, scalp care services, with its elegant and inviting interior,
the salon provides a comfortable and luxurious experience for clients, creating an ideal setting for relaxation and pampering.

The BUCE 270 model, an electric shampoo chair in the picture,
features a sleek design and premium high-density foam for optimal comfort during seating.
Its smooth operation ensures a reliable and satisfying experience for hair designers serving their clients.

Also, the shampoo chair’s smooth-operating backrest enables clients to comfortably stretch their legs in an extended calf position,
while the unfolded calf pedestal minimizes the risk of hair sticking and facilitates easier management for hair designers.

Buce Electric Backwash Units 270 model with black color, complements the sophisticated ambiance of the space,
focusing on client comfort, it ensures that individuals receiving scalp clinics or head spas can effectively alleviate fatigue
caused by prolonged sitting, maximizing their long-term satisfaction with the service.

BUCE’s technology, recognizing not only at home but also abroad.
If you have any questions about other BUCE products, please feel free to contact us.

Cozy space where you can enjoy shampoo, BÜCE