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BUCE Shampoo Chair 272F (ID Hair Yongsan Harrington Branch)

뷰체 BUCE 272F - 아이디헤어 용산해링턴

Hello, we are a premium beauty furniture and salon chair brand BUCE.

ID Hair is a beloved hair salon, cherished by numerous customers for its pristine and inviting interior,
as well as the exceptional expertise of its handpicked professionals.
Following the Dongtan Mokdong branch last time, introducing see a BUCE shampoo chair at the Yongsan Harrington branch.

뷰체 BUCE 272F - 아이디헤어 용산해링턴

The image above showcases a private shampoo room featuring the BUCE Electric Backwash Units 272F model.
Designed to ensure complete privacy, the room’s interior exudes an atmosphere of credibility with its subdued saturation and brightness.
The luxurious 272F brown electric shampoo chair, reminiscent of nature, further enhances the room’s overall sense of stability.

뷰체 BUCE 272F - 아이디헤어 용산해링턴

Customers had the opportunity to encounter the BUCE 272F model, an electric shampoo chair, in another area of ID Hair.
In this open space, a sleek black shampoo chair was positioned to enhance the salon’s contemporary aesthetic,
contributing to an overall neat and stylish interior.

뷰체 BUCE 272F - 아이디헤어 용산해링턴

The 272F, BUCE’s premier shampoo station model, is a top-selling product known for its durability,
ergonomic design, exceptional comfort, and remarkably smooth driving service.

Meeting customers becomes even more enjoyable when BUCE is present, as it creates an unmatched level of comfort.

Experience a comfortable, smooth-driven electric reclining shampoo chair!

Cozy space where you can enjoy shampoo, BÜCE