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BUCE Sponsored by Netflix from the New World

buce sponsored by Netflix from the new world

Hello, we are high-quality beauty furniture, BÜCE. 😊

Netflix web entertainment “From the New World,”
which was popular not only in Korea but also in various countries with various cast members.

BÜCE sponsored a BÜCE beauty chair and shampoo stand on Netflix’s web entertainment show “From the New World”.👏🏻👏🏻

buce sponsored by Netflix from the new world

From the New World is a new concept virtual simulation entertainment program
that tells the story of unpredictable events in the world that everyone dreams of and of survival missions,
confrontations, and twists.

Lee Seung-gi, Jo Bo-ah, Eun Ji-won, Heechul Kim, Park Na-rae, and EXO Kai are on the show. There are 8 episodes in total. 😊

The cast will be invited to a virtual world where they will stay for eight days without knowing why.
In this virtual world, it is designed for the happiness of many people, just like the world of “Utopia,”
where the cast is provided with accommodation in the style they dreamed of and delicious meals are provided every day.

What’s unique here is that AI plays the role of a host! In addition, you can obtain the New World currency
<Meow> by receiving a smartphone dedicated to ‘New World’.
Through this, there is a unique setting in which the cast competes with various missions and games.

buce sponsored by Netflix from the new world

But I think the most eye-catching thing is the filming location.
“From the New World” had so many exotic and mysterious spaces that it made me feel like I was in a vacation spot. 😎

Aren’t you curious where it is?
The filming location is Botania near Geoje.

buce sponsored by Netflix from the new world

Location: Botania Venus Garden/ Source: From the New World

It is an island located in the south of Ilun-myeon, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do.
There is a Mediterranean-style garden decorated with rare subtropical plants and beautiful sculptures.

It is a tourist attraction that many people already know and visit as a travel destination,
with 1 million visitors a year. The fact that you can feel foreign sensibilities in Korea seems
to be a great advantage of the filming location Geoje Oedo Botania from Shinsegae. 👍

buce sponsored by Netflix from the new world

A total of five places are introduced here. The first place introduced is Venus Garden,
where beautiful flowers form a superb view. On the left side of Venus Garden, you can taste all the dishes in the world at the Bistro Oasis.

New Times Square is a place where you can check the time everywhere, and it’s a must-go to get around the island.

Behind New Times Square, you can see statues of six goddesses defending the New World by stairs to heaven.
Lastly, there is even an exchange shadow store that sells essential items for the mission.

Beauty Chair BÜCE 185

buce sponsored by Netflix from the new world
buce sponsored by Netflix from the new world

What’s interesting about the virtual world here is that all the spaces are so exotic that it’s as if you’re in a vacation spot,
and you’ve got a real life environment.

There is a hair and makeup shop here. And you can see the BÜCE products right here.☺️

buce sponsored by Netflix from the new world
buce sponsored by Netflix from the new world

It’s a comfortable BÜCE shampoo stand that fits perfectly with this place as if you’re in a vacation spot.
Customers can even lie down comfortably at about 170 degrees for treatment.
And because it uses the highest quality foam, it’s the most fluffy and stable BÜCE 270. ✨

In addition, not just a neck cushion, but a special head & neck cushion that supports the neck and head
together provides the best comfort to customers.

Make an excellent choice as a BÜCE and experience a new world!

A cozy space with the joy of shampoo, BÜCE.