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2022 Cosmoprof Asia singapore

2022.11.16-18 (Wed, Fri) Singaproe Expo

Cosmoprof Asia Singapore is the largest beauty and grooming trade show in Asia,
along with the Cosmoprof Italy Bologna, with over 2,000 participating companies and about 40,000 annual visitors,
making it a representative trade show in the beauty industry.

Although it was held annually in Hong Kong, this year it was held in Singapore due to the COVID-19 issue.

The exhibition was held from Hall 1 to Hall 5 and was comprised of zones for Cosmetics & Toiletries,
Beauty Salon & Spa, Hair Salon, Nail & Accessories, and Natural & Organic.
Additionally, over 20 countries including Korea, the US, France, Italy, and Switzerland participated.

2022 Cosmoprof Asia 싱가포르 코스모프로프 아시아
2022 Cosmoprof Asia 싱가포르 코스모프로프 아시아

‘BÜCE’, which won first place in consumer satisfaction in the beauty equipment category, participated in Cosmoprof Asia 2022.
Viewche chairs are categorized into three main types: beauty chairs, shampoo chairs, and makeup chairs.
These chairs were exhibited, providing a good opportunity to raise awareness of the superiority of domestic beauty products overseas.

2022 Cosmoprof Asia 싱가포르 코스모프로프 아시아

BÜCE exhibited electric chairs such as the S270F and S370F models,
which allow customers to comfortably receive shampoo services while lying completely
flat at an angle of about 170 degrees on a form that is soft like a bed,
as well as the S257 manual chair that can be used conveniently even without electricity.

2022 Cosmoprof Asia 싱가포르 코스모프로프 아시아
2022 Cosmoprof Asia 싱가포르 코스모프로프 아시아

Many spectators visited Cosmoprof Asia 2022 and the BÜCE booth after a two-year gap caused by COVID-19.

BÜCE, which has been consistently exported to around 40 countries,
has recently gained interest from new countries through online.
BÜCE hopes to raise awareness about BÜCE in more countries through this exhibition and achieve good results.