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Beauty festival 2016 OMC Hair World

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2016 OMC Hair World, a beauty Olympics that kicked off at KINTEX exhibition hall in Ilsan for three days from March 27.
More than 1,000 athletes from more than 50 countries around the world, including Russia,
Taiwan and Hungary, participated. In this competition,
Korea won the World Championship Trophy as the first place in the senior fashion (Manekin, Model) and
senior technical categories, achieving a great overall victory.
Russia ranked second overall, Taiwan, Hungary, Japan and Kazakhstan third, France fourth, and Mongolia fifth.

미용인 축제 ‘2016 OMC 헤어월드’

Jang Myung-soo, CEO of BD Korea, who participated in the booth of the beauty device brand “BÜCE” said,
“Throughout the three days of the exhibition, I’ve seen a lot of promotional effects on the brand by incresased visits
and consultations by actual buyers such as hair shop directors.” as expressing his satisfaction.

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미용인 축제 ‘2016 OMC 헤어월드’
미용인 축제 ‘2016 OMC 헤어월드’

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