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BUCE Salon Chair 185 (USA LA Deployment case)

뷰체 BUCE 101 - 미국 LA 수출 배치사례

USA LA Export placement example - BUCE Salon Chair 101

Hello, we are BUCE, a luxury brand specializing in shampoo chairs and high-end beauty furniture.

we present the case of the BUCE Salon Chair 101 model exported to Los Angles in the United States.

BUCE Salon Chair 101 maintains a steady position as a best seller due to its reasonable price, comparing other models.

In the case of BUCE Salon Chair 101, having supplied to various branches of Cha Hong, one of the famous hair salon brands in Korea.

This salon chair stays true to the fundamentals without combining wood or stainless steel.
it offers a diverse range of feelings depending on the fabric color and boasts the added advantage of
seamlessly blending with various interior designs.

This salon chair is ideal for hair designers who prefer low chairs,
with a gap between the seat and backrest to prevent hair from getting caught,
featuring cushion foam for added comfort, and a seat height that is not excessively high.

BUCE is a global salon chair and beauty chair brand, constantly loved for its excellence of domestic in more than 40 countries abroad.

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Cozy space where you can enjoy shampoo, BÜCE