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BUCE Shampoo Chair 270F (Ordinary family house)

뷰체 BUCE 270F - 일반 가정집 배치사례

Hello, we are BUCE, a luxury brand, specializing in shampoo chairs and high-end beauty furniture.

Typically, shampoo stations are installed in hair salons, but BUCE shampoo chairs are possible to have one installed in a home setting.

Let’s check out the case of being placed in a home!

The installed shampoo stand is BUCE Electric Backwash Units 270F model,
and after receiving shampoo service at Juno Hair,
having felt that the fatigue that had not been relieved by the massage chair was relieved,
the customer was moved and chose the same model.

The customer experienced a heightened level of comfort while lying down,
noticing that the recovery from fatigue was more effective compared to a massage chair that tapped their body.

With the most luxurious foam in our line of shampoo chairs, the Electric Backwash Units 270F
feels comfortable as soon as you sit down, and we’re proud to say that you’ll love it too.

뷰체 BUCE 270F - 일반 가정집 배치사례

The interior isn’t finished yet, but it’s white and wood tones, so we suggested the beige color.
It gives it a more sophisticated look, don’t you?

When the interior is completed in the future, we will introduce the reviews used at home in more detail.

If you are considering product and fabric choices for your interior,
explore the BUCE website to see a variety of installation cases featuring popular products and colors,
and feel free to fill out the inquiry form for prompt assistance.

BUCE is the specialty you’ve been looking for, always putting customer value first and constantly researching and developing.

Cozy space where you can enjoy shampoo, BÜCE