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BUCE Shampoo Chair 270F (Yeonsung University)

뷰체 BUCE 270F - 연성대학교 배치사례

Buce is a manufacturer of luxurious salon equipment.and shampoo chair.

Recently, many of universities want to find domestic salon furniture brands.

Here is a case which construted beauty laboratory in Yeonsung University Department of Beauty Stylist.

Yeonsung University’s Department of Beauty Stylist is highly renowned
for its unique hair design talents and for nurturing hair designers with high potential.

We install BUCE electric backwash units 270F a black salon chair,
consisting of luxurious black leather fabric with pottery for the beauty laboratory.

Our 270F, electric beauty chair, is a comfortable salon shampoo chair
for customers that it provides fluffy seating, softer than other products.

In comparison to the electric shampoo chair, BUCE 270,
the 270F includes a folder-style footrest that allows users to sit effortlessly and comfortably.

The 270 model creates a sensation of lying on a bed since it has a broad back of chiair
and does not cause hair tangles for consumers by providing a sophisticated ambiance.

We help beginning beauty designers get to the position of specialist.

Cozy space where you can enjoy shampoo, BÜCE