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BUCE Make-Up Chair 370 (Tony and Guy Cheongdam Branch)

뷰체 BUCE 370F - 토니앤가이 청담점 배치사례

Tony and Guy Cheongdam placement example
- BUCE Electric All-Purpose/Make-Up Styling Chairs 370

Buce is a manufacturer of luxurious salon equipment and shampoo chair.

We installed BUCE 370, a shampoo chair with a reclining system,
in ‘Tony & Guy’s’ Cheongdam headquarters recently relaunched under the German brand CONCEPT P.

CONCEPT P, unlike other hair salons, allows the customer to visit with their pet and
offers a diversity of services such as wedding hair, head spa, scalp clinic, and so on, even valet parking as well.

Buce, a company specializing in salon equipment, has recommended the electric all-purpose/make-Up styling chairs 370 model,
an electric shampoo chair, suitable for a variety of purposes,
including scalp clinics and makeup since it is adjustable heights and rotatable.

Even further, in 370 model is driven by a reclining function and provides remote control,
making it comfortable for both hair designers and clients.

Actress Moon So-ri, who gained significant attention for her striking image transformation
in the Netflix series ‘Queenmaker,’ also had her hair styled at Concept P.
With numerous salon chair brands available, the reason for choosing Buce was to prioritize client comfort during extended styling sessions.

If you are interested in salon furniture including salon chairs,
we invite you to visit our BUCE website and submit an inquiry.

Cozy space where you can enjoy shampoo, BÜCE