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BUCE Sponsored by MBC Daughter Just Like You

[고품격 미용가구 뷰체] MBC 딱 너 같은 딸 협찬

Hello, this is BÜCE. The high-quality beauty furniture.

In 2015, BÜCE was a sponsor for the drama “Just Like My Daughter” which was broadcasted on MBC.

✅ Sponsored product: Makeup Chair BÜCE 301

The drama recorded the highest ratings of 13.9% with 120 episodes. It was a special production drama that gathered the public’s attention.

[고품격 미용가구 뷰체] MBC 딱 너 같은 딸 협찬

During those difficult times, people are exhausted and struggled in pain.
It is a time when living a good but rough life, therefore the one neglects their family, friends,
and colleagues due to their own ambition and self-interest.

Our goal was to live the best life and become the best. Because of our ambition,
we became unhappy, indifferent, and neglected our loved ones, causing pain and hurt to our family, friends, and society.

BÜCE is a cozy space where one can enjoy the pleasure of shampooing.

Now, instead of feeling tired, resentful, and turning back, we take a moment to rest, look back, and embrace warmly.

If we face a dead end, let’s not resent, cry, or turn back. Instead, let’s go through it together.

The helicopter mother of the Alpha Girls, “Queen Bee Hong Ae-ja”
The Last Matriarch of this Era, the Hereditary Symbol of “Sopanseokne”
The Ho Family, “Madam Heo Eun-sook”
Through these three family stories,
misunderstandings and conflicts are transformed into an understanding and love that embraces wounds and forgives.

Also with these three family stories, misunderstandings and conflicts are resolved into
understanding and love, and the process of embracing wounds and forgiving is portrayed in this family drama.

A cozy space with the joy of shampoo, BÜCE.