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BUCE Sponsored by MBC My Daughter Geumsawol

[고품격 미용가구 뷰체] MBC 내 딸 금사월 협찬

Hello, this is high-quality beauty furniture, “BÜCE.”
Let me introduce my daughter Geum Sa-wol drama that aired on MBC in 2015.

[고품격 미용가구 뷰체] MBC 내 딸 금사월 협찬

This drama is a successful drama that delivers hope to young people who have lost their dreams.
It is a warm drama that hopes to return to the family through the building of a
beautiful house of a mother and daughter and to restore the family.

[고품격 미용가구 뷰체] MBC 내 딸 금사월 협찬

Building a house appears as an important subject in the drama.
Building a house means longing for my family and the restoration of the space where my family gathers.
Also, it is a drama that seems to be able to convey a beautiful fantasy to modern people who are trapped in
small studio apartments and forget about their families.

[고품격 미용가구 뷰체] MBC 내 딸 금사월 협찬
[고품격 미용가구 뷰체] MBC 내 딸 금사월 협찬

Makeup chair BÜCE 301

It’s a beauty chair in “My Daughter Geum Sa-Wol” drama.
This model is a BÜCE 301 product, and it is a multi-purpose beauty chair with adjustable height and tilt.
It is a product that can be used for various purposes such as makeup, scalp care, semi-permanent, and skin care.

[고품격 미용가구 뷰체] MBC 내 딸 금사월 협찬

The hand lever on the side allows you to adjust the tilt of the chair freely depending on the type of treatment you want.
Sofa-style classic seats and deluxe footrests provide comfort even if you sit for a long time. 👍🏻👍🏻

If you want to experience this product or a variety of BÜCE products, please visit the BÜCE Showroom.
I’ll kindly consult you.
For other consultations, feel free to send me a message on the BÜCE Kakao Talk!

Thank you.

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