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[2021 Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index No. 1] Beauty salon furniture brand, BÜCE

2021.04.20 (Tuesday)

BÜCE was awarded the “2021 South Korean Consumer Satisfaction Index 1st Place”
in the customer satisfaction brand (beauty salon furniture) category.
The South Korean Consumer Satisfaction Index 1st Place is an award that recognizes companies with high consumer satisfaction in various categories,
evaluated and recommended directly by consumers, and is aimed at promoting the growth of South Korean companies together with consumers.

[2021 한국소비자만족지수 1위] 미용실가구 전문 브랜드, 뷰체(BÜCE)

BÜCE is a company that produces high-quality beauty chairs based on its technology,
being the first in South Korea to invent a mechanical height adjustable device.
Recently, there has been an increase in consumer interest in hair care services such as head spas,
and BÜCE is primarily boldly selling multi-purpose chairs to beauty shops and clinics.

Existing manual products that occupy a large share in the domestic market cause physical pain due to frequent knee bending and stretching during work.
BÜCE is developing products that can improve the work environment for beauticians and is leading the change in the beauty market.

[2021 한국소비자만족지수 1위] 미용실가구 전문 브랜드, 뷰체(BÜCE)

​​Additionally, BÜCE has boldly invested in development and conducted extensive research for a long period of time
to develop the world’s first semi-automated shampoo chair that uses changes in body load in response to the limitations of space, cost,
and other factors. BÜCE has obtained patents in the United States, Japan, and China.

BÜCE CEO, Jang Myeong-su stated, “BÜCE embodies the goal and vision of becoming a total brand that expands globally,
based on the expertise of Korean beauty chairs.
We will strive to contribute to the development of the beauty industry and beauticians with our specialized products and high-quality services.”