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2020 Incheon Small and Medium Business Convention BD Korea Co., Ltd., received a presidential citation

2020. 9.4 (Fri)

BDKorea Co., Ltd., represented by CEO Jang Myung-soo (Dongguk University APP 7th class),
will receive the President’s Award at the Grand Ballroom of the Small and Medium Business Association located in Yeouido, Seoul at 10am.

BDKorea was originally founded as a Bukdu company in July 1987, and this year marks its 33rd anniversary.
In 2019, it opened a new building in Seo-un Industrial Complex in Gyeyang-gu,
Incheon and was also selected as a promising small and medium-sized enterprise by the city of Incheon.

2020 인천 중소기업인대회 비디코리아(주), 대통령 표창장 수상

BDKorea Co., Ltd. BÜCE, is a leading brand in the beauty industry,
specializing in electric height-adjustable chairs, footrests, and beauty equipment.
It is the first company in South Korea to develop electric height-adjustable devices and has been recognized for its contributions to the beauty industry by
showcasing its superior technology in over 30 countries worldwide.

The company has received recognition for its R&D investments, expansion into foreign markets, and exports.
It was certified as a venture company in 2010 and selected as a promising export-oriented small and medium-sized enterprise.
In May 2019, it was also selected as a “Small Global Giant Compnay” by the Ministry of SMEs and Statrups Incheon Regional Office.

2020 인천 중소기업인대회 비디코리아(주), 대통령 표창장 수상

On the other hand, BDKorea Co., Ltd.(BÜCE) has also been selected as a military service exception company.
Through the military service exception system, where the Chief of the Military Manpower Administration selects
companies or research institutes for men who have certain qualifications, licenses,
education, etc. to work at instead of serving in the military, BÜCE can also be a company that can hire professional research personnel.

2020 인천 중소기업인대회 비디코리아(주), 대통령 표창장 수상

The CEO of BDKorea Co., Ltd., Mr. Jang Myung-soo,
received the Presidential Award and expressed his gratitude,
saying thanks to all the employees who worked together and all the customers who loved BÜCE.