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BD Korea Co., Ltd. BÜCE, Sponsored the evaluation competition for the beauty society apprentice business group

2019.09.06 (Fri) Suwon Convention Center Exhibit Hall

BD Cosmetics Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of beauty chairs and shampoo chairs,
was established in 1987 and has been positioned as a specialized brand in beauty equipment for over 30 years since its inception.
BD Cosmetics, which has changed its name from BD Cosmetics to BD Cosmetics in 2007 and then rebranded as BÜCE in 2015,
has been actively entering the global market.

In May of this year, BÜCE was also selected as a “Small Global Giant Company”
by the Ministry of SMEs and Statrups Incheon Regional Office.
The Small Global Giant Company is selected from small and medium-sized enterprises with
sales of 100 billion won to 10 billion won and exports of more than 5 million dollars,
based on the evaluation of innovation performance, growth potential, and overseas market entry capabilities, among others.
The Ministry of SMEs and Statrups Incheon Regional Office, Incheon City,
and Incheon Tech Park jointly select and evaluate the enterprises with the goal of selecting promising strong small enterprises in the domestic market.

비디코리아㈜ 뷰체, 미용사회 도제사업단 평가대회 후원

BDKorea has been recognized for its competitiveness in domestic and international markets
through its selection as a global leading small and medium enterprise in 2019. Since 1997,
the company has been exporting electrically-operated height adjustment devices for beauty chairs, and as of 2019,
it supplies beauty-related products to over 30 countries overseas.
With its accumulated technological expertise over the past 30 years,
BDKorea has achieved a substitute income effect in the domestic market and is leading the
domestic and international markets with its reasonable prices.

BD Cosmetics Co., Ltd, BÜCE is recognized for its competitiveness both domestically and internationally through
the selection of the 2019 Global Strong Small Business, and has been exporting related products overseas since 1997,
supplying beauty related products to over 30 countries around the world. With its technology and know-how accumulated over 30 years,
BÜCE has made a significant impact in the domestic market by replacing imports with its own products,
leading the market with its reasonable prices both domestically and internationally.

비디코리아㈜ 뷰체, 미용사회 도제사업단 평가대회 후원

In addition to R&D investment, BÜCE also engages in various contributions to the beauty industry as a whole.
As part of these activities, BÜCE participated as a sponsor in the
“2019 Beauty Industry Job Competency Enhancement Evaluation Contest” held at the Suwon Convention Center in July.

Through this event, BÜCE presents BÜCE-BD Korea awards
to participants who show outstanding abilities and supports the discovery and development of promising individuals in the industry
as a representative brand of domestic beauty equipment products.
BÜCE is set to release a new product in September,
and more information can be found on the BD Cosmetics Co., Ltd. website.

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Cozy space where you can enjoy shampoo, BÜCE

Cozy space where you can enjoy shampoo, BÜCE