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Korea’s representative beauty chair & shampoo chair brand BÜCE, 2019 Philbeauty exhibition

2019 6.4~6.6 (Tue~Thu) the Phillippines, Philbeauty beauty exhibition

BDKorea Co., Ltd.’s BÜCE representative office is also located overseas in the Philippines.

To widely promote the excellent technology of BÜCE in the Philippines,
the staff of the Philippines branch has been tirelessly working day and night.
Thanks to the efforts, BÜCE participated in the famous Philippines Beauty Exhibition “Philbeauty” held from June 4th to 6th.

대한민국 대표 미용의자 & 샴푸의자 브랜드 뷰체 (BÜCE), 2019 필뷰티 (Philbeauty) 전시회

BÜCE, first company to develop elctronic height-adjustable device in Korea,
the company leading is leading domestic beauty equipment market and exporting intergrated electronic chari to over 30 countires
overseas including the US and Europe.

In addition to participating in the Dubai International Beauty and Cosmetics Exhibition in April,
BÜCE participated as representing South Korean beauty equipment brands in the 2019 Philbeauty Exhibition held in Manila,
Philippines from June 4th to 6th,

The 2019 Philbeauty is a large-scale event participated by beauty equipment and cosmetic companies
from various countries that are active in the Philippine market, the 2019 Philbeauty exhibited
various brands and buyers related to beauty such as cosmetics, beauty equipment, spa, salon, hair, and nail.

대한민국 대표 미용의자 & 샴푸의자 브랜드 뷰체 (BÜCE), 2019 필뷰티 (Philbeauty) 전시회

The BÜCE exhibited beauty chairs with excellent technology, makeup chairs,
shampoo chairs, and shampoo stands. the booth was not only visited by industry buyers
but also received a lot of attention from local media and was interviewed by local beauty media in the Philippines.

대한민국 대표 미용의자 & 샴푸의자 브랜드 뷰체 (BÜCE), 2019 필뷰티 (Philbeauty) 전시회

Cozy space where you can enjoy shampoo, BÜCE